[Battlemesh] Corrected Report

OrazioPirataDelloSpazio (Lorenzo) ziducaixao at autistici.org
Tue Jun 8 12:05:21 CEST 2010

elektra ha scritto:
> Hi -
>> What is the topolgy? Is the one I posted on the wiki?
> People were running around deploying nodes. I didn't bother about the 
> location, but only about the routing tables and metrics.

I'm one of the people that were going around and placing nodes :-)
The map of the nodes is this:


Where each black square is a node and the number is the node number that
is the last digit of IP addresses of the node for all the subnets.

For the next events, we should consider the gap from theory to practice
when mounting the testbed. We made some "miracles" to placing 47 nodes
everywhere we can : inside wc, on the tree, in power supplies, in the
"pizzeria"/TV/reception , asking people (above all, the dutch painter!!
:-) ) if they can host a node for a big "network experiment".


PS Does someone have the full topology with link quality? I think the
one Robert posted on 5/6/10 at 13:10 should not be the full one. Maybe
some snapshot after 20.00 should be ok.


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