[Battlemesh] Another peer-reviewed assessment of Babel, Batman and OLSR

David Murray D.Murray at murdoch.edu.au
Mon Nov 15 02:04:52 CET 2010


I think the most important point to keep in mind is that it was quite a 
small experiment. We did try experimenting with things like orbit lab, 
which would have given us a much bigger experimental testbed, but we had 
technical problems with that.

Another important point, which we probably should have stressed further, 
is that all the routing protocols needed per flow rate limiting. We 
found that the mesh nodes which were closest to the sink would starve 
the more distant nodes of bandwidth.

We are happy to answer any questions people might have with that paper.


On 13/11/10 02:35, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>    * ``The results of the bandwidth tests, shown in Fig 3, reveal that
>      the Babel routing protocol provided better throughputs than OLSR,
>      BATMAN L3 or BATMAN L2.''  (This is surprising -- I'd expect everyone
>      to have roughly the same bandwidth -- and I think it might be an
>      artefact of the way Babel measures packet loss, using piggy-backed
>      Hellos.)

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