[Battlemesh] We are late !!!! we need deadlines. 70 days left

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) zioproto at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 12:12:01 CET 2011

Sorry of stressing you all but I feel we are late in the organization
of BattleMesh V4. Are we within the deadlines for tasks to do ?

On this page:

today I was not able to find a reference where to pay my fee to participate :(

I prepared a template page for the announcement:

please somebody from Guifi should finish it, so we can spam it.

Read first the old announcement:
it will help you in writing the new one.

If the idea is to involve more people than the other time, we should
be very good in communcation to make more people come.
We shoud not just count on the people that came to the other
battlemesh in Bracciano.

We have only 70 days. And I guess somebody that really wants to come
must be able to know about the event at least 30/40 days before, so he
can book an  international trip.

Please hurry up we need to spam.


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