[Battlemesh] We are late !!!! we need deadlines. 70 days left

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) zioproto at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 12:59:48 CET 2011

> Yes, you are right - this is still missing. During our meeting in Berlin,
> Roger made clear that paying in cash is the easiest solution for him. He
> planned to organize an account if feasible but I would not wait for it.

this works good until we are within "friends".

but if we want to involve unknow people and let the event grow bigger,
we need people to pay before. Only once the people pay you can be 100%
they are coming.
Also we need to set up a suggested deadline for the people to register and pay !
This is all reasonable because you need a good estimate of the people
coming to allocate proper resources.

We don't need anything expensive like a bank account. I think it
should enough to setup a paypal account where Roger and the guifi guys
can directly collect the money.
We had a lot of payments via Paypal at WBMv3 and it worked very good.

Roger what do you think Paypal works for you ?


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