[Battlemesh] Address of Associació Expansió de la Xarxa Oberta

David david at exo.cat
Sun Jan 23 22:19:18 CET 2011

> Hi!

Hi Mitar and Kostko !

> From Slovenia Kostko and me are comming this time to battle! ;-)

Wellcome !

> I would require address of Associació Expansió de la Xarxa Oberta so
> that I can transfer our donations.

Postal address ? I do not think so...

2 people have already paid and received the money

> I have also a question, how will be with sleeping. It is written that
> whole resort is reserved, but on other part of the page that we will
> sleep in houses in village or tent? This resort does not have places to
> sleep? Or is this just a camping site?

There small houses with beds... I was not there last day to have a  
look but here you can have an idea [1] Is not a camping site but if  
you want to sleep in a tend for me no problem :) well, Roger or Albert  
know more than me...

[1] www.canroca.cat

> Mitar


Pangea, internet solidari.

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