[Battlemesh] SAX2011 during WBMv4

Roger Baig Viñas roger.baig at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 23:32:30 CET 2011


Eventually the guifi.net "community" has decided to make a SAX, the
annual (i.e. whenever it happens) guifi.net meeting during the same
weekend of WBM. Although there is room enough to do both completely in
parallel (WBM in Can Roca and SAX in the municipal social building) I
think it would be nice to interact a bit. As we already discussed in
Berlin last Xmas, I've offered the accommodation facilities to the SAX
people (this will help to pay costs). Some other ideas about
activities that we could do together:

* give a talk about WBM at SAX
* give a talk about any particular routing protocol or whatever else you want
* join the SAX dinner and party on Saturday evening
* join the SAX paella on Sunday noon

About talks: IMHO the first one would be nice, so we should make the
effort to give it.

About social events: to me it makes totally sense to share all of them.

Any comments?

Best regards.


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