[Battlemesh] Wireless Battle Mesh v5 - Next steps

Marek Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 22 01:36:31 CEST 2011


> I volunteered to ask our designers for one. ;-) What are deadlines and I
> can ask them how they are with time.
> Are there any special instructions what should be there on the logo?
> Location is confirmed (Athens?)?

thanks for the clarifications. I think it is time to get this going. As you 
know we should start the promotions rather sooner than later, so we should get 
a confirmation ASAP. As for the deadline: Can we have it yesterday ?  :-)

I would keep the style of the logo close to what we had last years. Other than 
that I don't know of any restrictions. Maybe "WBMv5" somewhere in the logo ? 
@All: Other ideas ?

We are in the process of evaluating Athens. We will post a full summary in the 
coming days.


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