[Battlemesh] WBMv5 Warm-Up - Status update (v2)

George Kleissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Sun Feb 12 18:49:14 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,


in the past weeks we have been working on the remaining details for the
WBMv5 Warmup in Sarantaporo. Here is the brief summary of what you can


* We managed to secure a bus departing from the Athens airport on Friday
23th March late afternoon. This bus can transport up to 50 people.

* We also have 50 beds for the people coming to Sarantaporo provided by
locals distributed over the village. Every house will be "equipped" with one
of us responsible for making the stay pleasant for everybody.

* Expect an outdoor Greek style barbecue with meshoui and Ouzo/Raki! For all
those wondering what a meshoui is:

* Installing a wireless mesh network in the nearby village called
Kokkinopilos also is part of the agenda. The hardware (routers / antennas /
etc) is ready to be installed. Highlights include: Breathtaking landscape at
1200m altitude, Mount Olympus in sight and a 15km distance to bridge.

* We are also preparing a lot of pleasant surprises with a social character
for all of you!


As you noticed, the maximum number of participants is currently gearing
towards 50 people. At this point we have 26 confirmed attendees (16 Greeks
and 10 international travelers). If you wish to attend too we urge you to
subscribe now. In case we surpass the 50 people limit we'll see what we can


So don't waste any time! Register now!


Registration form:




P.S. The threading is now correct. Sorry for my previous mistake.


Greetings from Sarantaporo,

George Klissiaris


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