[Battlemesh] Payments for WBMv5, a short note

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Hello everybody,

Firstly let me introduce myself.
I'm George Klissiaris and am member of Sarantaporo.gr core team, as well as
member of the Sarantaporo.gr technical team that implemented all the wifi
mesh networks in the area. In addition, I'll be one of the hosts in
Sarantaporo village, as being one of the organizers of the warm-up event.

We, the Sarantaporo.gr team, are all excited to have WMBv5 in Greece and are
looking forward to welcome you in Athens for the main event so as in
Sarantaporo for the warm-up event.

I have a suggestion to make about the event registration. We could have a
contact form (google form for example or anything else you could suggest) in
order to have online participants registration proving also their contact
data and some other information like if they intend to make a presentation.
Whoever collects these information could update the appropriate wiki page,
excluding personal contact information for avoiding spammers, twice a week
so that everyone can monitor the participants list. I had the idea, because
at the moment we don't really have clear view on what is going on with
registration and how many participant we should expect for the time being.
Such kind of form could be also helpful with any Greek participation in the
main event. How could we know if a Greek would like to participate either as
a presenter or as attendant in a workshop? Shouldn't we have some kind of
registration forms?

See a draft example of such a form in the following link:

If you like the above idea please feel free to make your suggestions about
making it better and we could start using it. We could also embed it in the

Best Regards,
George Klissiaris

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Hello everyone!

Just as you are about to pay (I hope) for your participation to the Athens
Battle Mesh event, I'd like to remind you:

Please send a signed, private mail to me and Acinonyx
(acinonyx at hackerspace.gr) for every transaction you wire. Mention your name,
as in the bank transfer. This way we will be able to match the amounts and
avoid any orphan ones!


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