[Battlemesh] Payments for WBMv5, a short note

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Sorry the correct link is:

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The data are password protected and encrypted. Only the creator of the
spreadsheet can view the data. Publicly available is only the form, the data
We, as Sarantaporo.gr core team, are using the google docs for our domain to
collaborate. Our link is the following (just an example):

In the above link, we as team members, have only access to the data after
logging in, but we can make a publically available registration form like
the one (the draft example of such a registration form) I sent you in my
previous email in order to collect data from other people in one
spreadsheet. Anyway if you think it is not a good idea we can find another
way or another tool to do the job. After all i believe we do need a list
with all the participants and  their contact information in order to better
organize our accommodation in Athens and our trip to Sarantaporo.
Don't you think so?

Best Regards,
George Klissiaris

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> Password protected or can spammers/other people find it ?

Actually nobody answered this question :) And I think we should point out
the fact that one great spammer is going to access all this data..which is
google itself. just my opinion..but there are much more people than what you
could expect out there that are not happy in giving their information to it.


Antonio Quartulli

..each of us alone is worth nothing..
Ernesto "Che" Guevara
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