[Battlemesh] Wireless Battle Mesh venue decision

Clauz clauz at ninux.org
Thu Jul 12 17:55:01 CEST 2012

Thanks to all the volunteering hosts and to the recon team.
I am also looking forward to the next battlemesh!

Moreover I have met Roberto from the WING routing protocol project [*]
and invited him to join us, so perhaps we will have a new challenger!


[*] http://www.wing-project.org/

On 07/08/2012 10:57 PM, Martin Hundebøll wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am very excited about hosting the next Battlemesh and looking forward
> to welcoming you all! I am sure we will have a great time, even though I
> cannot promise weather like the kind we are used to in southern Europe :)
> // Martin
> On 07/05/2012 06:54 PM, Simon Wunderlich wrote:
>> Dear battlemeshers,
>> in the past few weeks, we have had internal discussions in the recon team
>> regarding the venue for the upcoming Wireless Battle Mesh 6.  After
>> intensely
>> investigating the very interesting proposals available, most of our 8
>> recon
>> members eventually voted for Aalborg/Denmark to be the venue for our next
>> battle. The main arguments for Denmark were:
>>   * They have started proposing to host WBM since WBMv4/SBG, and were
>> part
>>     since then - they know how WBM works.
>>   * We had a lot of people asking for "more serious testing", and
>>     Martin Hundebøll and his Prof Frank Fitzek gave us the impression
>>     that they have quite some experience in professional test setups.
>>   * These guys organized quite a lot of bigger conferences, and also
>>     the proposal covers nearly all questions regarding organization.
>> Of course, it was not easy for us to decide, because as you certainly
>> have
>> seen, Michel also had this very good proposal to host WBMv6 in
>> Formentera.
>> We have talked to Michel and I'm glad to say that he supports our
>> decision
>> regarding the WBMv6 venue and also offered help to get this going.
>> We also discussed the possibility to have an intermediate event in
>> Formentera
>> (like WBMv5.5) this year, with a specific project to be achieved by
>> participants. Some ideas were:
>>   * Solar (battery less) beach WiFi deployment
>>   * Testbed using existing local test deployment
>>   * GPL device controller
>> But any proposition is welcome.
>> Our next step is to go to Denmark for a reconnaissance mission in autumn
>> this year. We will keep you updated!
>> Cheers,
>>          Simon - on behalf of the recon team
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