[Battlemesh] Gap

Ryan Hughes ryan at iheartryan.com
Thu Mar 15 02:51:11 CET 2012

Hi.  So I had filled out the form saying that I would be going to 
Sarantaporo.  But the Fates did not will that it be so.  My plane won't be 
landing until 2:25pm on Saturday the 24th.  That's the earliest I could 
get there.

SO, I was thinking that what I'd do is check into a hostel for Saturday 
and Sunday night, and just bum around acting like a tourist for a couple 

1)  Is this a good idea?
1a) Are there any specific cool things I should do?
1b) Is there a particular hostel that is the hippest, most happenin'?

2)  Is there something else I should do instead?


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