[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v5 tests

Marek Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 6 22:52:33 CET 2012


let me say upfront that I think batman related questions should be discussed 
on the batman mailing list or irc channel rather than in a thread about 
wireless tests on the battlemesh list.

> > What is missing ?  The B.A.T.M.A.N. routing metric ? How is that related
> > to multi-link setups ? Maybe I misunderstand ?
> Since BATMAN makes different route choices when it detects multi-link
> setups (IIUC), it must do *something* differently.  I assumed that this is
> done by tweaking the metrics, but maybe you have another mechanism at
> work.

There is no hidden magic - maybe that is where the confusion is coming from? 
All we need to know is the number of interfaces belonging to neighboring nodes 
that can see each other. No routing metric tweaking happens anywhere.

> I don't really care for the detailed options.

You specifically asked for options to tweak batman which is why I gave you the 

> You must be kidding.  Did you really go to the official babel homepage [1]
> and grep for BabelZ?  It gives you the slides [2] and video [3] of a talk
> about it, that explain the BabelZ algorithm in much more details than
> anything I could find about BATMAN's "alternating interfaces".  That's the
> kind of material I'm looking for.

Sorry, but I am not kidding at all. You might be surprised to learn that I was 
in the audience when Juliusz gave this talk. You can even see me walking 
through the picture at 3:35.  ;-)
Unfortunately, we seem to look for very different things. The first 15 minutes 
of the talk is about routing metric definitions whereas the rest mostly deals 
with a theoretical analysis of monotonic and/or isotonic behavior. All that 
might be very interesting but still does not explain what babelz actually does 
(what it sends over the wire, so to speak) - a proper protocol definition. It 
does not need to be a fully fledged RFC but something like the documents you 
can find in our "protocol documentation" section would be nice.

By the way, this is the video I was talking about in my earlier mail. Juliusz 
speaks loud and clear into the camera that he knows batman has multi-
interface/multi-link capabilities (around minute 19).

Hope we can continue a constructive discussion using the proper channels. For 
me the thread ends here.


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