[Battlemesh] Diversity in BATMAN

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> > The metric is simply based on TQ. C=S will probably have a better
> > local TQ than C'-S because of the load balancing over the two links,
> Sorry for the confusion, I used < = > to mark a different frequency
> than
> < - >.  There's only the one link between C and S, it's just using
> a different (non-interfering) frequency.

Ah, O.K.

Humm, the answer stays the same :-)

C=S will probably have a better TQ if it is not getting as much interference due to collisions. A will get to know about this in the path TQ. Better still, B-C will also probably have a better TQ, since the link C=S is not interfering with it. So the path TQ is even better. A gets all this.


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