[Battlemesh] [B.A.T.M.A.N.] Diversity in BATMAN

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Fri Mar 9 17:57:29 CET 2012

> > So when comparing a 1Mbps and a 54Mbps link, probably the TQ for the
> > 54Mbps link will be better than the 1Mbps link.
> That was our intuition too, but experiments we did in Brussels using 802.11n
> multiradio routers, with Benjamin and Juliusz, seemed to show that packet loss
> (as measured by babel at least) is not always correlated to throughput.  I do
> not claim to understand how this is possible.

How do you define throughput? Do you mean the coding rate the wifi
driver has chosen to use, or iperf/netperf measurements of throughput?
Also, does babel perform its measurements using unicast or
broadcast/multicast packets/frames?
> It was in a limited setup, however, and we would be glad to get more results
> proving or disproving this hypothesis.  Do you have any actual experimental
> results to share on this topic?

I've got no results on 11n. I've done most of my work on 11g.  I will
see if i've got any results for 11g which might be appropriate.


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