[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v5 tests

Clauz clauz at ninux.org
Sun Mar 11 13:22:48 CET 2012

On 03/07/2012 04:03 PM, Michel de Geofroy wrote:
> For who ever is in charge of the tests (its a bit confusing) the tests
> I would interest in are ...

Hi :)

> 1) PURE REAL SPEED downloading from net / upload html page / video / data file
> 2) VOIP test quality (Skype)

I think that these are more related to the physical layer than to
routing protocols...

> 3) STABILITY (where a node would be taken off line and see  the time
> it takes for mesh to mend or if two GW nodes have similar properties
> (flip/flop) )

We have it.

> 4) TRIPLE GATEWAY (see how the protocol deals with multiple GW i.e.
> switching if one goes down)

This could be a nice test. As it is convergence-time related, perhaps we
can perform this one instead of the proposed 'convergence time' test.
That is (roughly):
 * have two gateways
 * pick a node A
 * see which gateway is chosen by A: say GW1
 * turn off GW1 and check the time needed for A to switch to the other


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