[Battlemesh] Network models [was: Battlemesh v5 tests]

Mitar mitar at tnode.com
Sun Mar 11 17:15:45 CET 2012


> Perhaps the BATMAN developers have thought long and hard about giving
> up the purity of a mesh model, and decided that it's worth it.
> Perhaps they haven't.  It's difficult to say, since they're not
> interested in communicating on technical issues.

So we have one topic for the round tables. Good. Just ... we will not
know how does Babel does it. Because you will not be there.

I propose a new name of a discipline at Battlemesh: Battletable! Where
we get together representatives of different routing protocols and get
them to fight! Which concept is better, why, how, what are arguments,
cases, how to create a test case, ... We could even make it a reality
show, or at least a talk show of Jerry Springer style!

I volunteer to moderate and mediate the fights, keeping them
constructive and without low punches (OK, allowing some for the
entertainment of the public).

You know, Juliusz, not being available for the discussion yourself makes
you look like the person not interested in communication. Or you
communicate only over e-mails? Because I understand perfectly that it is
hard to write documentation, write long explanatory e-mails, we much
more like to do concrete stuff: code, deploy, test ... And such events
as Battlemesh are perfect especially because all
interested-in-the-subject people can get together and you have a better
feeling that it is "worth" the energy to explain all internals of
routing protocols to others, because you are doing it to the multiple
people at the same time. And a nice side effect can then be a video
posted on your website with this discussion where others can watch you


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