[Battlemesh] Battlemesh v5 tests

Martin Hundebøll martin at hundeboll.net
Sun Mar 11 19:20:26 CET 2012

Hi Clauz

On 03/11/2012 12:48 PM, Clauz wrote:
>> >  What do you think?
> Network coding is cool, but has not much to do with routing protocols.
> Moreover we would need a new and different firmware (btw did you
> implement this in some specific driver?) to be flashed into some of the
> devices, increasing too much the level of battlemesh enthropy :)

You are right, it is more the throughput, than the routing, but this is also part of a mesh network :)

My plan was to compile a kernel module with the network coding enabled and just put it in the images to be loaded before tests.

It is implemented as a compile time option for batman-adv (in a separate repository) and is independent of any drivers (although I'm considering to depend on mac80211).

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