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George Kleissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Thu Mar 15 00:05:14 CET 2012

Thank you very much for your very quick response. I got the preferred sizes from the most of you and I've already placed the order so that we get them on time. For those who haven't send me their size we will have some extra in different sizes to choose from.


Best Regards,

George Klissiaris 


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Hello everybody,


We are preparing T-shirts for all the WBMv5 participants. They will be black with the official logo printed on it in white color. The T-shirt is the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5000.

 <http://gildan.com/distributors/catalog/> http://gildan.com/distributors/catalog/


We got a very low price especially for the event and the cost will be at about 5€.


I would appreciate if everyone, who has subscribed for the event, provided us with the preferred size as soon as possible so that we could manage to have them on time. In the following link you will find a page that will help you decide on your size:

 <http://gildan.com/distributors/catalog/productSpecs.cfm?lang=en&id_catalog=en&id_product=5000> http://gildan.com/distributors/catalog/productSpecs.cfm?lang=en&id_catalog=en&id_product=5000


P.S. Could the designer of the WBMv5 official logo send me the original file (vector or without background color)?


Best Regards,

George Klissiaris



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