[Battlemesh] BattleMesh venue

Marek Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 15 12:46:35 CET 2012


> Just a small note about the BattleMesh venue, the National Technological
> Instititute of Athens. We have booked a room for the event, which provides
> us with electricity and internet (both ethernet and wireless) and of course
> enough work benches. Inside this small campus there is also a cafeteria,
> that will supply us with the necessary amount of caffeine :)
> It's location is really close to the hotel (foot distance). You can take a
> look at this map, specially prepared for the BattleMeshv5:
> http://autoverse.net/battlemap/
> In this area there are also many places to eat for those who might want to
> grab a snack during the day.

thanks for the update! I copied your text into the wiki where everyone can 
find it. Do you have further information about the exact location inside the 
university ? Which building / what floor / room number ?


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