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this is the greek announcement /press release translated into english by a 
friend who is involved in translations:

The Attendance part is intentionally left out because the deadlines have 


What the ‘‘Wireless Battle of Mesh v5’’ is

The ‘‘Wireless Battle of the Mesh v5’’ (WBMv5) is an event which aims at 
bringing people from all over the world together so that they can test the 
efficiency of various routing protocols, such as Babel, B.A.T.M.A.N. , BMX and 
OLSR, for wireless networks.

At the same time though, this event is of social purpose since it has 
attracted various participants, such as university students, scientists, 
programmers, network engineers, volunteers and activists, all of which are 
commonly aiming at exchanging views and technical know-hows on the design, 
development and implementation of wireless networks through the use of open 
technologies and patterns. 

So, if you are a fan of mesh networking, if you get actively involved in 
community networks or if you are simply interested in mesh networks, then, the 
WBMv5 is an event that you shouldn’t miss!

Warm-Up Event
One hundred years after the historic battle of Sarantaporo, the same area 
becomes the field of a new ‘‘confrontation’’, the one of progress and co-
operation, in order to create and develop wireless mesh networks.

The wireless mesh networks which have been installed in Sarantaporo, Elassona, 
as well as in the surrounding area, have motivated the organization of the 
‘‘BattleMeshV5 Warm-Up’’ which is a two-day warm-up event before the WBMv5, 
including various activities of cultural, social and educational experience 
exchange, like:

* presentation of the wireless mesh networks which have been implemented in 
the area
* seminar on the benefits of open wireless networks and their safe use
* workshop involving the installation of a new wireless mesh 6-node network by 
the participants in  
   Kokkinopilos, Elassona
* getting to know the local cultural tradition (traditional customs, dance and 
* becoming acquainted with the history of the area through visits to its 
historic and archaeological 
* the well-known photo exhibition ‘‘peace is… ‘’ [for further information on 
that, visit:      
* other activities, such as outdoor barbecue, music parties, etc.

When / Where
23 – 25 March 2012 in Sarantaporo, Elassona / Warm-Up Event
26 March – 1 April 2012 in Athens NTUA / Main Event

Further Information:

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