[Battlemesh] Military advertising at Battlemesh

Clauz clauz at ninux.org
Wed Mar 21 17:20:47 CET 2012

On 03/20/2012 07:19 PM, elektra wrote:


> Mesh routing protocols may have a good impact on society, but it is always dual use. I hope that the positive uses will always outweigh the sinister uses. 
> For me it is more acceptable if people are open about there involvement with military R&D. Otherwise we may see suspicious people popping up which will not tell us in the open who they are working for and what their reason to come to the Battlemesh is. 
> In my eyes, if you work for the military industrial complex you have no excuse, but lame excuses.
> The first one being: "If I wouldn't do it, someone else will do it."

I just would like to add my 2 cents:

I am against the use of arms. The university where I am doing my Ph.D is
often participating in military projects but (and I have told them) I'd
rather get "fired" than being involved in one of these.

I am aware that all the open source code out there could be used for
military purposes at any time, but I still don't like making this
explicitly acceptable and somehow official also inside the battlemesh.
For sure this is not in the original spirit of the event...


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