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Some one mentioned http://www.egpl.info/feeds/1 but something that was once
GPL will always be GPL  but it would be cool to find a  way to use eGPL to
lock down the protocol I'm sure there is a "creative" way to do this.


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>> Hello Folks,
>> I have been contacted privately by someone that works for the Dutch
>> Army, to attend a private meeting in Athens during the Battlemesh
>> days.
>> The informal meeting would be about OLSR dev team roadmap and works
>> done by this company on the OLSR code.
>> I refused to attend this meeting, of course.
>> please heads up. We are not going to tolerate people from the war
>> industry at the Battle Mesh.
>> Saverio
> IMHO talking will be possible,
> collaborating, won't be possible.
> Danilo
> P.S.
> There is some software license that limits the use of the software
> depending on the target?
> (meaning, war and stuff like that)
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