[Battlemesh] Bringing hardware (battlemesh foneras stock) and venue

George Kleissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Wed Mar 21 18:43:32 CET 2012

Nice to hear that that we have one more participant!
Is it also possible to fill in the registration form so that we count you
for the bus and accommodation?
Cu on Friday!

Best Regards,
George Klissiaris

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Dear battlemesh folks,

Long time no news but busy late months kept me away from freetime :)

I confirm that I will be coming from Paris with Nico on Friday for the
warm-up and bringing my stock of foneras (60+) used for the previous WBM to
be able to deploy during the week.

We will arrive on Friday w/ Nico with the stock of foneras and probably a
flashing server along w/ the foneras.

!!See you soon in Athens!!

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