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Hmm interesting I was under the impression that what ever is in the space
craft would be at the same acceleration state... but maybe mass could be a

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 9:35 PM, Ryan Hughes <ryan at iheartryan.com> wrote:

>  Some one mentioned http://www.egpl.info/feeds/1 but something that was
>> once GPL will always be GPL
>>  but it would be cool to find a  way to use eGPL to lock down the
>> protocol I'm sure there is a
>> "creative" way to do this.
> If you get the agreement of all copyright holders, you can change the
> license.  Firefox did it (I forget why).  Rhythmbox did it once, to add an
> exception that it's okay to link with non-gpl gstreamer plugins.  I had
> contributed code, so I had to agree to it or my code would get ripped out
> for future releases.
> If you do that, then the old versions of the software are still available
> under the old license, but new development will be in the new license.  So
> the military will be stuck with the old code, and developing on their own
> fork, which will probably grow to become incompatible.  Then there would be
> "OLSR for murderers" and "OLSR for The People", and they couldn't talk to
> each other.  Or whatever.
> --Ryan
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