[Battlemesh] video projector needed!!!

iago.ruiz at mallas.eu iago.ruiz at mallas.eu
Sun Mar 25 16:02:18 CEST 2012

On 03/25/12 at 14:10PM, Michel de Geofroy wrote:
> Hi Nefeli,
> I will arrive tomorrow at about 4pm from BCN
> The projector is a bit heavy and I am trying to be under 10kg since
> connection time in BCN is a bit short and its safer I take only carryon
> luggage so I can go straight to flight… could you source a sleeping bags or
> cover and sheet so I don't have to take my sleeping bag?
> Cheers
> Michel

Hi Michel:

	We're in the hotel and I have a thin sleeping bag; in the blackboards of our
	room we have some covers. 

	You don't have to take your sleeping bag if you don't want. :-)


	Iago Ruiz
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