[Battlemesh] testing status

Ryan Hughes ryan at iheartryan.com
Fri Mar 30 13:46:38 CEST 2012

> adhoc mode does not need 6mbps, "our" routing protocols also do not need a specifiy multi-cast
> rate,.
> but having it on 1mbit, means protocol traffic needs more airtime. (which especially in large
> networks (with more protocol traffic) gets an issue)
> and additionally 1mbit mcast-rate means that the link-quality detection which is based on packetloss
> or protocol traffic, will test the link with an quite "unrealistic" rate, leading to detection of
> links which for any higher througput are undesireable anyways
> therefore in many community networks we usually use a higher multicast rate.

Interesting.  I did not know about this issue.  I wrote it down in the 
wiki page that I've been using to collect the things I learn about mesh 

I hope it's all right that I plagiarized you.


ps. Anybody who has knowledge, feel free to update that guide.

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