[Battlemesh] HAM Radio?

L. Aaron Kaplan aaron at lo-res.org
Fri Mar 30 13:56:12 CEST 2012

On Mar 29, 2012, at 2:51 AM, Ryan Hughes wrote:

> I wonder if anybody knows anything about incorporating HAM radio into the mesh.

Hi Ryan,

I am a ham operator myself. in Austria there is a "Hamnet" which incorporates BGP (and by the way also the Freifunk Firmeware with OLSR :)) ) 
So, that was already tried and done and it seems to work very well. The Hamnet in Austria covers the whole country as a backbone network.

The trick is that the ham community is allowed to use higher txpower (hence longer distances) BUT that comes at a price!
According to regulations you are not allowed to transport content over ham networks. Hence you are essentially only allowed to talk about the weather and other trivial things.

> I live in Ann Arbor.  There's a guy setting up mesh networks in Detroit, which is like 80km away.  There's no easy way to get a line of sight, but I'd like to connect our cities.
> I heard a rumor that IPs in are reserved for HAM radio use (true?).
Yes, that is true. Again, ham networks are not allowed to be interconnected with the Internet (or any other commercial network) except for reaching the hamnet itself (like in a VPN).

> Does anybody have experience with this?
> Can you either:
> a) Talk about it with me, or
> b) Give a lightning talk about it?

Yes, I could if I would still be at the WBM

73 de

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