[Battlemesh] Aalborg pre-reconnaissance report

Martin Hundebøll martin at hundeboll.net
Fri May 11 14:15:34 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Roger is visiting Aalborg and we have just taken a tour around the campus to see the facilities. Here goes a short report :)

The local airport is quite close to the city and there is a bus directly from the airport to the campus (takes approx. 30 minutes). The airport in Aarhus is also an option, if flights are cheaper to this.

Considering the Danish weather, we suggest placing the event in the start of April. Next year, easter falls in late March, so maybe participants can combine the Battlemesh with private vacation or the like.

*Warm-Up event*
Bjarke from Djurslands.net has suggested that "Djursland International Institute of Rural Wireless Broadband" should be the host of the weekend-event. It is in the country side (thereby the "Rural" part of the name) and I expect to be interesting to meet the people behind the community net and hear about their experiences.

*Nodes deployment*
The campus is big enough to deploy a complete mesh network indoors (and outdoors, depending on the weather/casings) and there are plenty of powerplugs to use. Take a look at the map (the red circle marks the buildings intended for the Battle): http://kom.aau.dk/~mhu/CampusMap.png

Also, we use OM2P's as part of our research, so these will already be deployed in advance and can be used as part of the battle.

*Hacking room and meeting rooms*
The campus buildings are equipped with plenty small and large rooms - all equipped with projectors. We can reserve two or three rooms for the entire week, to which we have access 24 hours. To this, we all get a guest access card.

*Internet Access*
The campus is equipped with wireless internet to which we all get a "conference signon" and also plenty of ethernet plugs in the floor. The connection is behind NAT without any special restrictions.

We can stay on madrasses in a seminar room next to the hacking room and we have showers in the basement. If some people prefers a hotel, we will coordinate reservations and transport to and from the hotel. This requires booking in advance like we did in Athens.

We plan to serve breakfast and dinner like we did in Sant Bartomeu del Grau/Barcelona, which we prepare in the kitchen next to the hacking room. Lunch is available in the campus canteens.

*Social events*
During the week, we can arrange 24H access to the local student-bar, which has pool, playstaion, small cinema, fußball, etc (and beer from tap). Thursday evening we should go to the local hackerspace and Friday night we can visit the party street, which is famous in Denmark :)

*Local Transportation*
Plenty of busses to and from the city center that goes regularly from 5AM to 1AM.

*Local organization*
We are a group of 5-6 organizers backed by the professor, who will try to raise some funding (if this is okay with the rest of you ;o) ). We have experience from organizing several similar events ranging from conferences for student-politicians to large events with 2000 guests...

*Estimated Costs*
Being aware of the discussions in Athens, we will try to raise fundings. We will ofcourse not make any agreements without discussing the individual cases on the mailings list and we wouldn't accept any interfering influence from sponsors.

The participant costs depends on the funding. The only thing requiring payments at this point is the food, which we prepare ourselfs to keep the cost down (something similar to the 85€ we paid in SBG/Barcelona).

Greetings from Roger and Martin!

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