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> Hi -
> > I only hope I haven't obscured it even further :)
> I guess you didn't, but I may do that now ;)
> The cell-id, BSSID in 802.11 terms, is a MAC-like identifier that
> logically determines which radios are associated to which wireless cell.
> The term BSSID is used in managed (APs and stations) WiFi networks, the
> term IBSSID is used in unmangaged (ad-hoc) WiFi networks.
> The protocol in 802.11 that automatically determines the IBSSID
> (independent base station subset id, if I remember correctly) in ad-hoc
> mode is error-prone, as it depends on timestamps that are broadcasted in
> beacons and the ability of the cell to synchronize them. The idea was that
> the network uses the cell-id of the node with the oldest timestamp and
> everyone else has to synchronize with both timestamps and IBSSID.
> What good possibly go wrong?!
> I could come up with a long list, but I rather save the time ;)

Heh. Circular dependencies on time are a PITA (
http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/113 )

Is the clock related to wallclock time at all?

> Cheers,
> Elektra
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