[Battlemesh] QoS in a mesh network

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Fri Mar 8 08:22:09 CET 2013

* Nicolás Echániz <nicoechaniz at codigosur.org> [08.03.2013 08:12]:

> What I'd like to know is if anyone here has been experimenting with
> prioritizing latency sensitive traffic on town-scale mesh networks. That
> is, some network-wide policy that's implemented in every node to
> guarantee some service's quality.


you need end-to-end QoS and ofcource your bottleneck is
NOT (one of) the gateway(s): you have to know the weakest
node in your path.

we use some "some" scripts to check this an alter some
rules at runtime. the core ist built with "vtund" for
the enduser transparent tunnel. vtund accepts config changes on the fly.

also on each node is TC running.
the trick is: never ever send more traffic over a node
what minstrel-stats exspects is possible.

bye, bastian

PS: maybe i should give a talk in Aalborg about this?!

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