[Battlemesh] Expected Participants

Martin Hundebøll martin at hundeboll.net
Sun Mar 10 21:49:52 CET 2013

Hi All,

To make the planning of the BattleMesh week in Aalborg a bit more 
accurate (and easier/better), I would like to get an approximation of 
the number of participants.

So far we have 25 paid participants and a few self-organizing ones, but 
I have a feeling that some of you are still expecting to participate. So 
if you are planning to come (and maybe accept our offer for hotel+food), 
could you please let me know here (or send me a mail in private).

The reason is that I need to inform the hotel manager, and initiate some 
orders for food, transportation, and access cards...


Kind Regards
Martin Hundebøll
Frederiks Allé 99, 1.th
8000 Aarhus C

+45 61 65 54 61
martin at hundeboll.net

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