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Alejandro Andreu Isábal aandreuisabal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 13:08:53 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

Greetings from another two Spanish folks. Me and Fernando
(fernandogrgo at gmail.com) recently joined the mailing list since we
decided to go to BattleMesh v6 representing the Pompeu Fabra

We are both working on our final degree projects, which
are inside the *Commons for Europe* project.
At the same tame, this programme is divided in two main branches:

	- Code for Europe: focused on developing useful software for
	  the citizenship.
	- *Bottom-up broadband for Europe*: The term
	  bottom-up-broadband (BuB) defines network design, deployment
	  and operation initiatives driven by end user needs. These end
	  users can be individuals, companies or institutions. This
	  concept is in contrast to the traditional top-down approach
	  in which commercial telecommunications operators are the ones
	  that take the responsibility of deploying the network and
	  then offer the users a set of services to choose from. In
	  BuB, those that need the network are the ones that take the
	  initiative and participate in the organization and funding of
	  the project. (more information on www.bub4eu.net)

We shall give a more precise presentation on this topic in Aalborg ;-)
Every year there is a "call for pilots" so starting the next summer
there will be more opportunities for anyone to apply and work on one
of these projects. Hence I will post here the information about the
call for pilots so if anyone that attends BattleMesh has a proposal
that meets the requirements of the bottom-up broadband principles can
do so here.

Have a great day,

*** BuB Call for pilots 2013 ***

We are looking for BuB intiatives to be considered in the "Commons for
Europe" project. These initiatives will be profusely documented and
used as examples for future BuB network deployments. Each selected
pilot will receive the backing of a BuB fellow for nine months.

Proposal submission deadline: May 15th 2013
Selection decision: June 15th 2013
Start of the pilot phase: July 2013

Visit our web
and join our mailing list
for more information.

A brief description of the first round of executed pilots follows.
(The application form is at the end of the email)

Fiber From the x (by Jorge Beltrán)

The Fiber From The x — FFTx pilot— analyzes the possibility of
extending the optical fiber under BuB model in diferent munipalities,
that is to say, the development and deployment will be done by the
users interested in obtaining access to very high speed Internet.

Gurb-Osona is a municipality where have deployed several optical fiber
lengths in different phases with the BuB model, therefore it will
perform a detailed study of how the optical fiber was implemented in
Gurb that will allow developing the possibility of extending the
optical fiber in diferent cities/villages. The FFTx name is because
the study includes the main fiber deployments (FFTH/FFTF/FFTP Fiber
From The Home/Farm/Premises) against the previous FTTx model (Fiber To
The x).

Open Sensor Network (by Alejandro Andreu)

This pilot pursues the creation of a truly open sensor network, which
is not focused on any particular area but just to suit the needs of
whoever needs to deploy one. In this network there is a mesh network of
nodes which communicate -in the end- with a sink, which later makes the
gathered information publicly available through an open data portal.

FreeEuropeWiFi (by Nacho Justel)

The FreeEuropeWiFi Pilot consists on provide a solution to give free
Internet Wireless access connection to any european citizen. It is
based on the OpenWISP system, and relies on the connection-sharing of
its users. By the way, it is actually deployed in Italy, and the final
idea is to extend it to whole Europe.

Mobile Node (by Fernando Gros)

The Mobile Node Pilot mainly consists in the creation of a free
transmission workstation that can be used in the urban space expanding
an existing mesh network. Behind that concept, reside a lot of social
implications from which citizens and cities can take advantage and
work together to improve their relationship. Providing an essential
service in nowadays life, namely, Internet Access, without the current
restrictions of the existing infrastructure, allowing mobility and
autonomy is an important field that can benefit all the parts involved
as long as we find the right balance.

Application form:


This pilot project data sheet will help us to keep track of all pilot

Please complete the following fields and submit to jaume.barcelo at upf.edu

(or even better, send it to the bub mailing list if you are registered)

• Title:

• Brief description:

• Goals:

• Estimated start date:

• Estimated end date:

• Priority: (Low/Normal/High)

• Stage: (Prospect/Pre-project/Review/Execution/Evaluation/Finished)

• Type: (Wifi/SuperWifi/Fibre Optics/Hybrid)

• Status: (Not Started/In Progress/On Hold/Completed)

• Progress %:

• Country:

• Area:

• City:

• Neighbourhood:

• Project type:

• Contacts:

• Risk %:

(0% means that the success is guaranteed, 100% means that it is
impossible to successfully complete this pilot)

• Regulatory issues:

• Potential impact (e.g., number of users, BuB funds raised, cities
involved, etc.):

• Comments:

Thanks for your collaboration :)

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