[Battlemesh] Next event: news and endorsements

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Tue May 21 12:26:22 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I saw rumours around the interweb stating that the next battlemesh will
be held in Leipzigas was also suggested in Aalborg.
Is that true? It would be great.

Learning from the errors of the past 2 events, I think we have learned a
lot. If we can keep the same (or better) level of quality of testbed
setup, testing and organization, plus improve in more advanced planning
and better promotion the next event will be awsome.

As discussed in Aalborg, I want to repropose the endorsement strategy to
promote the event to a broader audience. If we plan things in advance we
can achieve the following list of things *before* we start promoting the
event, which would be great:

  * endorsement 2014 page ready
  * a digital poster with all the logos of the endorsers and sponsors
    (if accepted by the community and present)
  * few big printed posters to put at the event if not too expensive
  * shirts

To achieve this we need:

  * collaboration from each endorser
  * find at least 1 volounteer graphic designer
  * at least two people, (I offer myself as a volounteer again for this)
    and someone else, which take care of coordinating these aspects -
    but it would better to have 3, so if anyone is busy the second or
    the third person can keep doing the remaining things

As next step in the following weeks I will copy the page of the 2013
endorsers in a new page for 2014, contact each endorser and ask if they
are willing to endorse again the next edition, plus contacting again
those who didn't make it to be on the endorsement list (OpenWRT,
Funkfeuer are the first that come into my mind).

Regarding social networks,

I saw this new facebook page:

And this twitter account:

It would be great to use them to promote the event, before and during
the event with live updates.

As a last note, I would like to point out that this is one of the most
interesting, friendly, fun and skilled community organized events I've
been to.

Costs are purposely kept low, main focus is of technical improvement and
sharing of knowledge, it's fun, it's interesting, cutting-edge, real,
"*non รจ fuffaware*" as we would say in italian.

It's not a conference organized by some big organization which costs
money to get in, it's not exclusive and I hope we intend to keep the
spirit this way. So my goal at improving the promotion is purely aimed
at reaching all the people out there that have not realized the
battlemesh potential but would surely love it and learn a lot from it if
they come.


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