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I foward the following workshop submission to the list, as Franz would like to get an idea of the number of people interested to get the material.  So if you are interested, let him know.


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Presentation based on the paper and/or practical antenna building
workshop. Slides would be based on the paper but focus on practical
issues during antenna assembly.
For the workshop I'd need to know early enough to arrange for
the material. I can bring two antennas or so but if every participant
wants to assemble his own antenna we may have to talk about the costs
A lightning talk slot would maybe be too brief for the topic, imho.

Topic headline:
Printed 15 dB Amos Sector Antenna for 2.45 GHz

Topic description: [Abstract]
This report discusses a 2.45 GHz Inverted Amos sector antenna
under test (AUT) machined out of standard FR4 circuit board material
and the electric and electromagnetic properties of this implementation.
All results are presented in comparison with the
extensive simulations done by the inventor of the Amos antenna design
Dragoslav Dobricic, YU1AW, which were published by himself
in 2007 and in 2008.
The experimental results presented here are in very good agreement
with the simulations, which were conducted by YU1AW without a radome.
All key characteristics of the antenna, like the input impedance and
the radiation pattern calculated by YU1AW, could be confirmed by the
measurements conducted.

The benefits of open-source technology are obvious. When it comes to
communications technology the values of independence and stability are
to be considered and it may make sense to establish basic building
blocks with a confirmed level of quality and, preferably, even a high
level of quality. This gives access to the full potential of a given
technology, i.e. wireless links can be designed with higher range and,
hence, network coverage of a given area can be achieved quicker, by less
effort and cost or simply more reliably.
This report qualifies a printed implementation of the YU1AW open-source
antenna design from a microwave engineering point of view. It is fit for
community organised manufacturing and deployment, preferably for
wireless user access points used at the periphery of a wireless mesh
network. Mesh networks have prooven economic and reliable, for example,
in the form of ad-hoc emergency installations in the case of a natural
disaster or as a permanent or auxiliary infrastructure in economically
low developed or otherwise challenged regions.

Dates of stay:
Depends on your response on my paper submission because
I don't think I can contribute with regards to the main topic of the
conference (i.e. mesh protocols).

Length of the slot if you wish to do a workshop (all other slots will be
limited to one hour):
I think I could do a workshop in one hour, it really is quick to assemble.

A projector would be good. For the workshop a soldering iron is

Kind regards,

Franz Streibl

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