[Battlemesh] Hello list

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Thu Apr 10 16:11:16 CEST 2014

Hey Amadeus,

thanks a lot for signing up as test manager! :D

Just to keep everyone on track, we have Pau and Gui signed up for firmware 
preparations, so it would be great if you guys can collaborate well and find 
some great tests! We don't have confirmation if Gui can personally join the 
battlemesh, but Pau signed up. :)

As for hardware, we already have some people bringing hardware, which is 
available here:


Of course, more hardware is not bad though ...

Finally, if there is anyone else who wants to support Amadeus on the various 
tasks (defining tests, evaluate results, etc), please tell us. :)


> Dear list,
> I just subscripted to the battlemesh ML to inform you guys of my decision
> to support you with testing coordination and scenarios this year in
> Leipzig.
> Since I want to provide as much benefit as possible to the 'battle of mesh'
> it would be very much appreciated if you let me know of any things you want
> to see tested at BattleMesh v7 from your real world experience or interest.
> Has anyone ever tested how routing protocols perform in a Power-line
> environment? Want to try? :-)
> Furthermore I was talking to the CEO of VariaGroup (http://varia-store.com)
> to convince him to support BattleMesh v7. They will supply some
> hardware/donate money and maybe even give a talk at the conference.
> Best wishes,
> Amadeus

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