[Battlemesh] Batman-adv high TQ and Low throughput

Nicolás Echániz nicoechaniz at altermundi.net
Thu Apr 24 11:27:53 CEST 2014

El 24/04/14 05:34, cmsv escribió:
> Recently i have experienced something quite usual to my experience and
> that was not happening previously in the same scenario where it is
> happening now.
> Here is the example:
> 2 nodes at with adhoc at 2.4ghz at a distance of 415 meters
> one uses an omni 15 dbi antenna at 18dbi and another 24 dbi grid at 16 dbi.
> This link was previously providing up to 21 mbit being 17 mbit a the
> lowest. Batman-adv TQ value was always around 230 being many times above
> 250.
> However this has recently changed the same link with 230~250 TQ and the
> same txpower is now outputting 1.93 Mbits/sec
> I have used iperf for bandwidth tests. Batman-adv version is 2013.4.
> Although i have considered several types of scenarios that can be
> causing this issue i have also tested against some which leaves me
> puzzled in regards to the presented TQ quality and dBm values as the
> nodes dBm are sometimes bad (ie: -80 ~ -90)
> One of the main questions is: shouldn't batman-adv TQ reflect or be
> influenced by dBm values ? How come with -90 dBm i get batman-adv to
> show me 230 TQ ?
> Also any feedback based on your experience regarding this type of
> scenario is welcome. This situation happened overnight without any
> access point new configurations or physical setup changes.

what's the mcast_rate value?

having 230~250 TQ on a -80/-90dBm link seems like you have a very low

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