[Battlemesh] Aligning community meetings

Monic Meisel monic at monic.de
Mon Dec 1 18:04:27 CET 2014

Hey guys,

I have gathered next years dates for bigger meet ups of freifunkas … End of june would fit in our timetable :D

- 31c3 Freifunk Assembly, Hamburg, CCH, 27.-30.12. (Leo Krüger, dodger, Hamburg freifunkas)
- OpenTech Summit, 15.05. Berlin, vorraussichtl. Wikimedia (Open Spectrum/Infrastructure Track mit freifunk Sessions) (Mario Behling, Monic)
- Wireless Community Weekend, 16.-17.05, Berlin. hacking @c-Base (cven, Monic, Berlin freifunkas)

- Battlemesh, End of June, Slovenia (who will be responsible?)
- Freifunk Sommerfest, End of Summer, Halle, maybe in July (Klaus Müller, Halle freifunkas, maybe Leipzig freifunkas join?)
- Chaos Communication Camp, 13.-17.08. - east germany (ccc members)
- Freifunk Community Summit, 9.10.-11.10.,  Arnsberg - (Thomas Drewermann, Rheinland freifunkas)

Who will be the person in charge for international guests in Slovenia? 
I can help with keeping the freifunkas posted and funding, as soon as you have an overview, what amount of money is needed (as we discussed at last battlemesh)

Best Monic

PS: Hopefully lots of you join us at WCW in Berlin this year?

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