[Battlemesh] Poster 0.4 (RC)

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Sun Feb 9 00:34:59 CET 2014

Hey guys,

here's the poster: http://static.nemesisdesign.net/battlemesh/poster-0.4.png

sorry for the delay, I would have liked to finish it the first days of
february but I couldn't.

Hope you like it.

Have your saybut quickly..

@aaron: sorry I had to edit the OLSR logo because I couldn't fit it well
with the other routing protocols. Let me know if that is not ok

@libremesh: that line on the left is also a bit hard to handle, I would
consider a simplified version (handy for these type of cases) of your
logo for the future

Get ready to publish the endorsements on your websites!

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