[Battlemesh] designing logo each year VS permanent identity

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Sun Feb 9 23:09:33 CET 2014

I launch a proposal for the future: is it really worth it to use so much
time each year designing logos and stuff?

Why don't we crowdfund a cool design (logo & website design) for our
community and use that as a base for every year?

We could spend more of our free time in promoting the event, organizing
talks, look for sponsors/funding... we would also subtract any of this
responsibility from local organizers who can focus on what is most
important: accommodation, food, logistics, local promotion... let's see


  * clear identity which becomes recognizable
  * international volunteers can focus on promotion and talks
  * local volunteers can focus on logistics
  * professionally designed identity and website is a gain in credibility


  * costs money
  * no personalized logo based on the city hosting the event

In my opinion, if we could overcome the money issue, we could easily let
go of personalized logos and colors each year as they don't bring much
value to the event (in terms of contents and participants) compared to
the amount of work they require.

Think about it. We could discuss about it at the event if you think it's
worth it.

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