[Battlemesh] Talk about the hunting a digital fox at 5GHz - finding evil Wi-Fi transmitters, workshop on 1Gbps wireless optical links with KORUZA

Musti musti at wlan-si.net
Tue Feb 25 13:25:14 CET 2014


I would like to submit a talk proposal and a workshop proposal.

Talk title: Hunting a digital fox at 5GHz

Abstract: 5GHz networks are generally deployed to cover larger distances and thus cover a wide area. Even a single or a few “evil” Wi-Fi transmitters may significantly degrade the performance of other devices and hinder a portion of the free spectrum useless. The talk  is based on real events and will teach you the basic approach to analysing the spectrum at a given location and choosing a frequency, pinpointing the source of a wireless node performing a De-Auth attach on your node or generally spamming the spectrum, likely as a result of an infection with malicious code. 

Time slot: 45min with 30min for the talk and 15min for discussion/demonstration.

Workshop title: Wireless optical networking with KORUZA

Abstract: After a brief introduction to wireless optical / free-space optical networking history and an overview of the technology you will be prompted to discuss ideas and play around with a low-cost 3D printable wireless optical system KORUZA (www.koruza.net) and get tutored into establishing 100m long 1Gbps links, so one the design files are released open-source and parts/units made available, you will be able to start deploying such links as well.

Time slot: 60min

Kind regards,

On 24 Feb 2014, at 14:55, Simon Wunderlich <sw at simonwunderlich.de> wrote:

> Hey,
> I'd like to submit another talk proposal:
> Title: DFS in 5 GHz mesh networks
> Abstract: The 5 GHz band is an interesting alternative to the crowded 2.4 GHz 
> ISM band to set up mesh networks. However, DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) 
> support is required in many countries to avoid disturbing primary users (e.g. 
> military or weather radar systems), and DFS support was not available in open 
> source drivers until last year.
> In this talk I'll present what DFS is and how it can be handled, summarise the 
> current status in open source drivers and userspace tools, and discuss 
> limitations and requirements to get it running in mesh networks.
> Time slot would 60 minutes for 30-40 minutes talk time and 10-15 minutes for 
> questions. I'd also like to use a projector.
> Thanks,
>    Simon
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