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George Klissiaris gklis at sarantaporo.gr
Sun Mar 23 06:33:20 CET 2014

Μπράβο Ιωσήφ για τις συμβουλές! Άντε καλή επιτυχία να έχουμε και στα δικά μας link με τα πανεπιστήμια.


Ο χρήστης Nicolás Echániz <nicoechaniz at altermundi.net> έγραψε:

>El 04/07/13 05:00, Joseph Bonicioli escribió:
>> Links of that distance are very common in our network (AWMN). Attika in
>> Greece is not flat resulting to many links that are over 10 20 or even 50Km.
>> Moreover since we got access to TV channel installations we have a lot of
>> long distance links to other areas of Greece and with other wireless
>> communities . It will be pointless to point some out. They are many and I
>> own a couple of them. 
>> Do not over analyze. Maths never fail you (FSL calculations)  and rocket
>> dishes are fine for 40Km. With 34dbi dishes at both ends you will get -71db
>> signal with no Tx power at all. If you add 5-10db Tx power you will be well
>> in the good performance zone of -61 to -66.
>> If you are in a noiseless environment you will be thrilled to find that the
>> performance will be "just" as good as in your test room. 
>> You can also find cheaper alternatives. Get yourself a couple of good solid
>> reliable 120cm offset dishes, a couple of feeders that we can provide you if
>> you need to and you are ready.
>> On the other hand don't consider anything less than the biggest gain
>> (biggest dishes) and most reliable hardware you can get. You will have to
>> compensate for bad weather in the winter making the link harder due to
>> conditions, harsh environment may punish hard you equipment and of course
>> unreliable hardware/software will make you travel a lot. The difference
>> between some extra cash for something a bit more reliable and traveling
>> expenses is big.
>> And don't worry about details like alignment. Those things nowadays if you
>> have not broken something in your equipment are a breeze with the tools that
>> you get.
>> Plan for other details if you are going somewhere far or on a mountain.
>> Cables, extra tools, insulation material, things that make your life and the
>> experience pleasurable, communication equipment, ropes, toolboxes, people :)
>> Go play, take some pictures and let us know the results! Good luck!!!!
>We finally got around to finishing our first long distance (50Km) link
>and it's working great.
>Thanks joseph for the hints and optimism :)
>We published a small blog post (in spanish and english):
>with some details on link conditions, quality and photos.
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>> Hi guys,
>> Here in Quintana (Argentina) we are planning a 40Km link to connect three
>> community networks in the region to the nearest Internet Exchange in Cordoba
>> City.
>> Our longest link so far is 16Km and it works very well (40Mbps) using
>> AirGrid M5 27dbi.
>> For this occasion we are planning to use Ubiquiti Rocket M5 + 34dbi dishes.
>> There is clear LOS between both ends; link calculation seems fine but I'd
>> like to ask about your experience with this kind of long shot high
>> performance links.
>> Any recommendations based on real-world deployments?
>> Are you using these Rocket routers for long links?
>> Cheers,
>> Nico
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