[Battlemesh] Final call for talk/workshop agenda changes

ameba23 at riseup.net ameba23 at riseup.net
Sat May 3 22:17:06 CEST 2014

Hi all,

We will put the agenda on the wiki very soon, so if you are proposing a
workshop, you can check you are happy with the day and time on this pad:

Musti, who is making a lightening talk on a rugged battery pack for the
Serval project, suggested having a longer session entitled 'Powering
Wireless Equipment Deployments'.  If others would be interested in this or
have something to present on this idea, let us know.  I am inviting a
friend who is doing some research on Alum batteries and pulse charging,
who might also like to be part of this session.  I know we already have a
lot of talks but I would find this very interesting!

Roger, with regards to the idea of having a session for SoC projects, I
have simply added the RetroShare talk as it was proposed, if the student
you mentor wants also to present their project, I can change it to a 'SoC
project presentation slot'.

We have gone way over the 'maximum four hours of talks per day' idea.  I
know it can be difficult to concentrate on talks for too long.  One way to
get around this might be to put the 'smaller' talks in the side room, so
that the main space can be used for other things and people can more
easily choose if they wish to hear the talks or not.  The difficulty would
be how to decide which would be the less popular talks.


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