[Battlemesh] WiBed as platform for the battlemesh tests

Pau pau at dabax.net
Mon May 5 16:17:30 CEST 2014

I've talked about this in some other thread of this list but this is
like the "official announcement".

During the last year, and using the last WBMv6 firmware as basis, we
have developed "WiBed" ([WI]fi test[BED]). It is a platform based on
OpenWRT to easy deploy wireless tesbeds. During the first boot the node
configures itself and creates a management adhoc network using
batman-adv (configuration file can be found here [1]). Once a wibed node
is configured it starts a 5min pulling service with the server via REST-API.

From the server (an easy web based interface), you can select the nodes
where you want to deploy an experiment and upload a common tar.gz to all
of them (which will be copied to the overlay partition). Then, nodes
install this overlay and reboot to start with the experimentation
system. Once the experiment is finished, the nodes remove the overlay
and go back to the original state waiting for a new experiment to be

In the time an experiment is running, from the server, it is also
possible to execute commands to all the nodes or to a single node.
Furthermore there is an already implemented system which collects all
the information saved in the special directory "/save" of the node and
send it to the server at the end of the experiment (to save results).

There are many other features, like mapping support (via libremap.net),
auto-recovery mechanisms, possibility of run several experiments in
parallel, etc.

Find an example here [2] about steps to follow to deploy an experiment.

We will carry around 20 nodes with Wibed already installed, and we would
like to use it to deploy some of the Battlemesh experiments. The current
firmware in the battlemesh github repository is nice, but IMO Wibed is
much more powerful. The idea behind its implementation was to be used in
the BattleMesh and similar events. So, this can be the first real
scenario and the feedback would be very interesting for us.

For those who would like to know more about the Wibed implementation,
there is also a paper published here [3].

Looking to see you soon!

[2] https://wiki.confine-project.eu/wibed:example_ap
[3] https://wiki.confine-project.eu/_media/wibed:wibed-7pages.pdf

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