[Battlemesh] Arrival Info

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Thu May 8 23:20:20 CEST 2014

Hi Battlemeshers,

here are some infos about the arrival on monday.


If you arrive on Leipzig/Halle Airport you need to go to the train
platform by following the signs in the terminal building (red "DB" or
green "S").

There are only two platforms, take the one with the sign pointing
towards Leipzig. You'll find multi lingual ticket machines directly on
the platform. Enter "Leipzig Hbf" as destination there and you'll get
presented with a list of possible fares. Best is to take the Express
lines "S5" or "S5X", they'll arrive directly in Leipzig central station.

Depart here and change to the Tram lines outside of the station building.


The hostel checkin is possible from 10am. We gave them a list of all
registered participants so they know that you paid and will assign you a

You'll get a magnetic key card which you can use to enter the hostel and
your rooms. The Hostel demands a 5,00 Euro refund for they key card
which you'll get back when you check out.

Sheets will be provided by the hostel but bring a towel with you!

For directions on how to reach the hostel please check the map at

To reach the hostel by walking (see attached picture #1), leave the
Leipzig Central Station through the main entrance and turn right, follow
the big road for approximately 400 meters until you see a "Travel24
Hotel" construction side to your right. Cross the road and keep
following the street straight ahead until you cross the little river
with the blue lanterns.
Head right into the "Jacobstr." - at this point you should already see
the Hostel entrance.

You can also reach the hostel by using one of the Tram lines 1 towards
"Lausen", 3 towards "Knautkleeberg", 4 towards "Gohlis", 7 towards
"Böhlitz-Ehrenberg", 12 towards "Gohlis-Nord" or 15 towards "Miltitz"
departing right in front of the Leipzig Central Station. You need to get
off at the very next stop "Goerdelerring". For the way from the Tram
station to the hostel, see attached picture #2.


The sublab will be open from 10am in the Morning until 1am in the night,
so we can all gather there regardless of when you arrive.

I'll to visit the Hostel at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm to pick up people and show
them the way to the sublab.

If you want to get there yourself, go to the Tram station
"Goerdelerring" (see picture 2) and take the line number 14 towards
"Plagwitz". Get off at "K.-Heine-/Merseburger Str." and follow the road
in the same direction until you see the huge brick building to your left
immediately before the bridge crossing the small channel (see picture #3).

The tram line 14 towards "Plagwitz" also stops in front of Leipzig
Central Station so you can take it if you want to head directly to the


On the first evening we plan to order pizza to the sublab so that we do
not need to leave the place.


Route from Leipzig Central Station to the Sublab:

Route from Jacobstr. (Hostel) to the Sublab:

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask here.

Best regards,
Jow - on behalf of the local organization team.
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