[Battlemesh] Network configuration and address plan for Battlemesh v9

Henning Rogge hrogge at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 10:54:22 UTC 2015


after all the trouble we had with configuring multiple routing and one
bridging protocol to make them work with the same tests, I wanted to
clean our configuration up and suggest it in advance for the BMv9 next

The core of the idea is:
- each node has 3 fixed addresses
- each node distributes a fixed prefix with a LOCAL DHCP-server to LAN
for attaching testing/debugging devices
- ALL IPv4 addresses of the mesh are within a /16 prefix (so we don't
need to push default routes to attached devices and can keep their
Internet connection up)
- the whole configuration uses human-readable IPs and can be
calculated from the node-ID (automatic/scripted configuration

The configuration for the Layer-3 routing protocols is pretty much
straight forward.
The configuration for Batman-Adv is still a bit "need to test it"
because I am not completely sure what prefixes we need to set on the
bridge that should connect bat0 with eth0.1 (LAN).

Address schema for 4-interface routers

eth0.1 "lan" (4 port switch)
eth0.2 "wan" (1 ethernet)
wlan0  (2.4 GHz Wifi)
wlan1  (5   GHz Wifi)

Node id 1 to 99

layer-3 protocols:

eth0.1 172.17.<id>.1/24
                pool: 172.17.<id>.2 to 172.17.<id>.100
                subnet mask: 172.17.<id>.0/24
                route: via 172.17.<id>.1
eth0.2 172.17.<id>.201/32  mesh-if 1
wlan0  172.17.<id>.202/32  mesh-if 2
wlan1  172.17.<id>.203/32  mesh-if 3

routing protocol distributes:


no addresses on:                eth0.1, eth0.2,  wlan0, wlan1, bat0
bat0 mesh interfaces:           eth0.2, wlan0, wlan1
bridged interfaces:             bat0, eth0.1

bridge addresses:
        172.17.<id>.201/32, 172.17.<id>.202/32, 172.17.<id>.203/32
        172.17.<id>.1/24 or 172.17.<id>.1/16 ?
bridge DHCP-server:
        pool: 172.17.<id>.2 to 172.17.<id>.100
        subnet mask: 172.17.<id>.0/24
        route: via 172.17.<id>.1

activate batman gateway feature (to prevent DHCP-server from
connecting over bat0)

We should add the same thing for IPv6, but lets focus on IPv4 first.

What do you think?


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