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Jesse Clark jesse at cinematicsyndicate.com
Wed Aug 5 18:59:19 CEST 2015

This is exciting- my name is Jesse and I have been following the mesh list
for some time now, trying to get some filmmakers to film interviews and b
roll of the event for a doc about Mesh technology and its social

I read that you will be releasing your footage CC eventually, but I am
curious to see if I might be able to source some of it for my film (also
CC). I'm happy to post existing footage for you to take a look at if you
like, which of course you may use for your film as well. I have a couple of
local mesh projects in San Francisco that I've been following.

Let me know how this all sounds. I'd love to collab in any way possible.

On Aug 4, 2015 8:54 AM, "ansuz" <ansuz at transitiontech.ca> wrote:

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> Hello all!
> My name is Aaron MacSween, better known online as "ansuz". I'm a part of
> the cjdns/Hyperboria community, and have travelled to Maribor for
> Battlemesh all the way from Toronto, Canada.
> I started working on ideas for a documentary about the cjdns community
> some time ago, and have decided to expand the scope of the film to cover
> mesh networking and the issues of privacy, accessibility, and
> reliability within the field of telecommunications.
> I expect the complete documentary to take a few years to complete, and
> so I'll likely continue my efforts at future battlemeshes. With that in
> mind, this project is immature, but if anyone is willing to join me for
> a short interview, or contribute footage of their own, I would greatly
> appreciate it.
> I will be releasing the footage online (eventually), free (of charge),
> under a Creative Commons license (if you had any concerns about openness).
> If we haven't met yet, just ask around for ansuz/Aaron. Anyone within
> the Hyperboria or IPFS groups will be able to direct you my way.
> Thanks for your timel,
> ansuz
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