[Battlemesh] Call for WBMv9 Location proposals

Simon Wunderlich sw at simonwunderlich.de
Thu Aug 13 14:23:54 CEST 2015

Hi Battlemeshers,

thanks again for joining WBMv8! As most of you who have been there, we had a 
very interesting discussion with many proposals to host next years Battlemesh! 
For all of you who still want to host next years battlemesh (or any 
intermediate battlemesh or spinoff) after considering with your local 
community, I'd like to ask you to follow up on this e-mail with the following 

 * Describe your proposed location (city, venue, etc)
 * Introduce yourself and your team or community
 * Tell us about the facilities (rooms, etc), accommodation options, 
hackerspaces, etc
 * Tell us about travel options, e.g. nearest international airport, bus, 
train, ...
 * Do you plan to have organized food, restaurants nearby, etc?
 * Preferred times - from our discussion at WBMv8, it seems people would 
prefer to have the main event in late spring
 * Your intended type (main event, intermediate event, spinoff)

Please follow up with your proposals by end of August. We shall have an open 
discussion with questions on the mailing list, and the recon team for next 
year will follow up with organizers in more detail and decide the location for 
the next main event.

Thank you!
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