[Battlemesh] Livestream

Robert Wuttke flash at jpod.cc
Mon Aug 31 13:10:49 CEST 2015


I setup a sftp-Account for uploads to downloads.battlemesh.org.
Everything that is being pushed there, will immediately be available
on http://downloads.battlemesh.org.

@all: As in the previous years, I will sent out the login credentials
upon request. Just drop me a line - either privately or on this list.

@Ryan: Credentials sent off list.

On 08/29/2015 09:46 AM, Ryan Taylor wrote:
> FTP is definitely okay.
> On 8/28/15 10:10 PM, leonaard wrote:
>> On 08/24/2015 11:57 AM, Robert Wuttke wrote:
>>> So, how would you prefer to upload the data?
>>> I will then configure the most consentual method(s), if they are feasible.
>> I think ftp is ok, but i dont have anything to upload :) Ryan is it ok
>> for you?

- Robert

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