[Battlemesh] Car sharing in Slovenia

Mitar mitar at tnode.com
Thu Jul 16 08:15:40 UTC 2015


One random travel tip for Slovenia. There is a great Slovenian site
prevoz.org which is connecting people driving cars with people needing a
ride. But in contrast with Uber, it is based on better values and site
does not take any commission, it just tries to make things better for
everyone. Also, what you pay is mostly to share expenses for gas for the
trip. So win-win for everyone.

So like CouchSurfing for cars. And it is completely normal that you chat
and meet friends during the trip. Do not take it as a service. (Except
if you see that somebody is using the site to offer professional
service.) So it is normal that you present yourself, talk about various
things, to make the trip nicer and quicker for everyone.

It is in Slovenian language, but more or less the interface is simple.

For Battlemesh the useful page is one with international rides:


Here you can see international rides from all around the Europe to
Slovenia (including directly to Maribor, where Battlemesh will be).

Some helpful translations:

Iz drzave - from country
V drzavo - into country
Kdaj - when
Od - from
Do - to
Cas - time
Strosek - cost

When you register you will be able to see the phone number of the person
offering the ride and then you should call or send SMS to that number
and arrange the trip/reserve the place. You pay in cash (EUR) in the car
towards the end of the trip. Haggling is not really something you do,
but because everything is done on person-to-person basis you can also
try, but do it in advance, not once you are already driving (and you
have thus agreed to the contribution to the trip).



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